Advanced paternal age as a risk factor for autism spectrum disorder in a Mexican population

Jessica Fajardo, Lilia Albores-Gallo, Alma Delia Genis-Mendoza, José Jaime Martínez-Magaña, Humberto Nicolini



Introduction. Risk factors for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have been identified, as is the case of advanced parental age. Advanced parental age as an ASD risk factor has been studied in Scandinavian populations; there are no reports for Mexican children.

Objective. The present work aim is to analyze if advanced parental age is a risk factor for ASD in a Mexican children sample.

Method. Mexican children (N = 1 068) participated in a case-control study, 162 had an ASD diagnosis. Multivariate logistic regression adjusted by cofounders was performed to explore the effect of paternal age on ASD risk.

Results. Advanced paternal age in Mexican children increases the risk for ASD, and also, a difference of 10 years between parental ages have a higher risk.

Discussion and conclusion. The effect of advanced paternal age in Mexican children was lower than those reported previously for other populations. Advanced paternal age and difference between parental ages could be a risk factor for ASD in Mexican population. Nevertheless, the analysis of larger sample sizes is required.


Risk factors; maternal age; paternal age; autism spectrum disorder; Mexican population

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